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We care

We strive for a better environment and more specifically better conditions for the Baltic Sea, which is our home. We also want to be a company were people are happy to work in and a desirable partner for our suppliers and others we co-operate with. In other words, we care about our staff, partners and the environment.

Here's a couple of practical examples of how we care:


1. Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea is close to our heart - It's the home of Skiffer and Liuska. It's a privilege to be able to use the Baltic Sea as a source of recreation and livelihood. To give something back we designed a special Baltic Sea Liuska in collaboration with WWF. For every sold Baltic Sea Liuska we donate 0,50€ to the WWF Baltic Sea program. In addition to this we also donate 2€ for every sold kilo of Skiffer coffee. Skiffer coffee is sourced from verified sustainable origins and roasted with 100% renewable energy. By the end of 2020 we have donated altogether 15 000€.

We are also committed to using only Finnish and WWF Green Listed fish in our products. With the environment in mind, over half of our menu is vegetarian as we want to provide more sustainable options to our customers. We also have great vegan options on the menu.


2. Workplace

 We believe the key to our success is that our staff feels happy and at home. We want to encourage everyone's individuality and provide them with a platform to grow and develop. We strive to offer everyone willing the possibility to train themselves further while working with us.


3.  Co-operation and Partnerships

We support responsible, local businesses and entrepreneurs through our collaborations and partnerships. In recent years we have worked together with companies such as Villawool, Döner Harju, Sexico Tacos, ChjokoPinta Interiors, Maku Brewing, Soil Wine Group, as well as local artists and artisans.


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